saturday march 8

today i sat in front of a group of kids - i'd say they were between 17 and 20 years old - while taking a streetcar down spadina. they discussed where to get off the streetcar, where they could get weed, and one loudly told an unnecessarily long story about an uncomfortable subway encounter he'd had recently ("we were waiting at pape for five minutes with nothing to say!"). when the group of friends got off the streetcar at college, two other people sitting behind me promptly began making fun of them. after some riffing about one of the kids' haircuts, one of the guys said "fucking kids, man," prompting his buddy to wistfully remember when they were that age. "i was cooler than that, man," said the first guy, and the second guy replied, "i wasn't, but i didn't act like that!" eventually, the pair got up and walked by me to get off the streetcar, and to be honest i didn't think they looked any cooler than the first group. had no one to talk to about it though.


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