saturday may 10

today i ordered myself a pizza during an extra-long and brutal stretch of work during which i didn't have time to take more than the very occasional two-minute break. because i used one of my rare breaks to answer the door to accept the pizza from the delivery guy, i was unable to get to the bathroom a few minutes later to clean myself off after i somehow spilled barbecue sauce (subbing on the pizza for tomato sauce) on my arm. as such, for the next while, i sat there having to deal with the humiliating fact that my upper and lower left arm kept sticking together thanks to the barbecue sauce stains on the inside of my elbow. my life is a mess.


Jack Kentala said...

I'm still on the fence about barbecue sauce pizzas. Barbecue sauce is totally awesome, but it seems that every time I get a pie with it instead of tomato sauce, it seems like all the cheese and toppings are just sort of balanced atop it rather than being fully integrated. Thus, casual couch-eating becomes instantly hazardous. The delivery guys also give me really weird looks.

BNS said...

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