tuesday may 27

today i stopped at the corner store on my way to the blue jays game to grab a bag of chips and decided on the bacon cheeseburger sliders flavour. as i was paying for them, the guy behind the counter did a double-take and then sort of chuckled when he read the label. "figured i'd try them!" i said, and he explained that the store had just gotten that brand/flavour that very day, so he hadn't seen them yet.

emboldened by a little chip-themed small talk, i glanced at the tv behind the counter, which was playing the jays game, and said, "i'm on my way there. guess i'll be a couple innings late!" this prompted him to launch into a mini-spiel about how arriving late to a game can be advantageous, since you can buy tickets outside at a reduced price. as i packed my chips into my bag, i decided not to risk jeopardizing our great rapport by admitting that i already had a ticket and instead agreed that i could be in store for a great deal. "have fun!" my new friend called to me after i thanked him again for the chips, which ended up being terrible.

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Jack Kentala said...

This is an entire act of the One Thing I Did Today movie.