monday october 6

today i was at walmart and picked up some bug spray. i'd absent-mindedly noticed a bug problem outside the front door of my apartment a few days ago - all sorts of tiny little insects gathered around the window area of the door - and thought "i should get some bug spray for that." i was feeling pretty accomplished at having followed through on this thought, until i got home and realized that actually all the insects that had collected on my door were already dead, and what i really needed wasn't something that would kill them, but something that i could remove them with. maybe just a duster or rag or something like that.

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Jack Kentala said...

We get a lot of spiders here. I'm terrified that one day when I kill whatever spider spun a web outside my door (more or less a daily thing for non-winter months), one of my neighbors is going to run outside and berate me for killing an insect. Because Portland, etc.