saturday october 4

today i was walking down a street in montreal that was under construction. because of the construction, cyclists and pedestrians had to share a narrow walkway at one point, and while i was walking through that section, a cyclist came up behind me wanting to pass by. i slid out of the way, and she called "merci beaucoup!" as she rode away, which made me totally blank on how to respond to such a phrase in french. rather than replying in english, or taking a second to think of "de rien" or whatever, i instead let out a weird grunting noise that i hoped would convey "no problem." i can't speak french and that's what this blog is about now.

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Jack Kentala said...

That wasn't the plan? I thought this blog was the first movie, and for the second movie you move to Montreal and have misadventures not speaking Quebecer French.