sunday november 23

today i went to sneaky dee’s to see the marked men. knowing that the bill included four opening bands, i went a little later than i might’ve otherwise, and caught two of those openers — when the second one left the stage, they announced that the marked men would be on next, so i made sure to secure a pretty decent spot close-ish to the front. however, the next band that came out wasn’t actually the marked men, but another opener that had been added to the bill late to replace one of the four that couldn’t make it due to passport issues. apparently the order had gotten switched around or something, resulting in the confusion.

having already gotten all excited to see the headliner, this unexpected extra opener, whose singer was very shouty and immediately jumped into the crowd (something i didn’t want to have to deal with), was a real disappointment. less than 30 seconds into their set, i turned to my friend, said "pitcher at toby’s?" he nodded and we immediately left the venue, walked 20 seconds down the street to our old favourite dive bar, split a pitcher and watched the end of the giants/cowboys game, then returned to sneaky dee’s at the exact moment the marked men took the stage. i may have lost my sweet spot in the crowd but otherwise things really couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

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