sunday november 9

today i worked a sunday night shift, something i haven’t done in months. usually on sunday nights i go to trivia night at the ossington and walk home afterward. as it turns out, at 11:00pm on this particular sunday night, at college and brock, an intersection i usually pass around that time, a woman was attacked by a man wielding a hacksaw. knowing that this happened while i was sitting at home prompted me to speculate about what would have happened if i’d been passing this intersection, as usual, and come across such an incident. while i’d never assume i’d have played hero, like the two guys who were actually in the area at the time, a part of me wishes i’d been passing by and had such an opportunity. with plenty of drinks in me and without much to lose, i actually think i could’ve been a real asset in stopping and running down this piece of shit, especially if i'd had the right shoes on.

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