tuesday november 25

today i went to a show at comedy bar, and before heading into the main stage area, stopped for a beer at the bar. the bartender handed change to the guy before me and turned toward me to get my order, but was stopped by him asking, "i gave you a $10, didn’t i?" after an awkward back-and-forth, it was determined that she’d given him $1.50 in change on his beer rather than $3.50.

when she turned back to me and i ordered a beer of my own, this seemed like a real good opportunity to say something like "so you see i’m handing you a $10, right?" in a mock-serious way, since i’m always trying to make jokes as soon as i walk into this damn place. however, she seemed unusually flustered about the mistake, so i decided not to say anything. when she went to give me the change though, she asked, "so do you want all of your change?" and i chuckled and joked, "nah, $1.50’s good," happy that we were still able to have the light-hearted moment i’d imagined.

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