wednesday october 29

today i was watching game 7 of the world series while working, and decided that if i had to work during the game, at least i was gonna order myself some pizza. when the domino's delivery guy showed up, he made a good first impression by asking "you hungry?" before handing me my food, which i thought was a pretty funny thing to say. however, things took an ugly turn when he heard the sound of the tv, and we had the following exchange:

him: "you watching the game there?"
me: "yeah, world series!"
him (sounding disgusted): "you're watching that?"
me: "yeah man, game 7."
him: "it's booorrrrring."
me (thinking maybe i should hold back a dollar or two from his tip): "c'mon."
him: "the blue jays aren't even in it!"
me: "yeah i'll say."

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