monday december 22

today i went to an afternoon screening of the movie birdman, and while i didn’t particularly love the movie, i couldn’t help but think that my somewhat negative reaction was significantly influenced by the super-annoying people sitting in my vicinity. among them: a guy in the row behind me who frequently laughed very loudly at moments that weren’t really laugh-out-loud funny, and the guy in the row in front of me who pulled out his phone three different times and at one point was taking either photos or videos of the movie.

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Jack Kentala said...

Hence why my old-man self only sees the first screening of the afternoon to minimize being around people who are annoying. I just have to deal with old people who take twenty minutes to get up the stairs to their seats.

My biggest beef is the deathly awkward silence right after a really loud trailer and those people who must proclaim rather loudly to their companions about how sweet aforementioned trailer was.

(And whoa, the new captcha system is great!)?