saturday january 10

today i was in line at the beer store behind a middle-aged guy who was buying about five or six beers.  after getting his change, he handed a five-dollar bill back to the beer store employee, asking if he could break it down into smaller change. then, as the guy handed him that smaller change, he gestured to his beer and said "and a bag for these." now, i'd already heard him ask for that bag earlier in the transaction, but it was probably at least 30 seconds ago by this point, and it seemed fair to mention it again, just in case the guy had forgotten. but the beer store employee did not agree with that assessment, snapping back "yeah, i know. i've only got two hands here, buddy," prompting the customer to apologize. the exchange prompted me to go through my transaction as if i were ordering from the soup nazi, careful to not make any special requests or say anything out of line.

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