thursday january 1

today i was taking the subway east, a little before 1:00 am, when i saw the guy sitting across from me start to vomit into his hands. although i'm pretty sure i was the first one to see it, my reaction and the noises he was making quickly made it apparent to everyone in the vicinity what was going on, and as he struggled not to do it again, people around were gasping in horror and saying things like, "oh, gross!" fortunately(?) for him, we happened to have just come to a stop, so before the doors closed and we started moving again, he stumbled out of the car and plopped down on the floor against the subway station wall, to the cheers of everyone in our car.

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Luke Adams said...

later, in the early hours of morning as i was walking home, i saw a cab stopped in the middle of the street so that a passenger could throw up out the door onto the street.

new year's: amateur hour.