wednesday january 21

today i went to comedy bar for a jfl42 show, having reserved a free spot at the show earlier this week by replying quickly to an email, one of my best talents. the free admission came with a plus-one, but after asking a few friends, i didn't find anyone to come along with me. undeterred, i went alone, and when i picked up my ticket at the box office, the girl working there handed me a second one, which i promptly slid back to her, saying "oh, just the one for me thanks!"

while normally i would've felt bad about taking one of the 80 available spots for the show for my invisible friend, the event was so packed that there was a waiting list for it. this waiting list included the couple in front of me in line, who were shocked to find there were no tickets waiting for them at the box office after they misinterpreted a "no seats left" email, believing they were on the list.

if my extra unused ticket helped them eventually get in, i'm very happy for them, even if i almost had to stifle a laugh when i passed by them a couple minutes later -- they were studying the email on their phone as if still trying to comprehend it, with one of them saying "you'd think it would at least start with 'sorry.'"

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