wednesday february 11

today i was walking home when i passed a domino’s delivery guy on my street. he was standing on the sidewalk holding a pizza in one hand and holding his phone to his ear with the other, looking around frantically and waiting for the person on the other end of his call to pick up.

the incident made me wonder what happens when there’s no answer at the house or the phone number that made the order. how long does the delivery guy try to get in touch with the person? if he had reached his limit for attempts to contact them, could someone like me who was just walking by offer to pay him for the pizza and take it? (obviously this sort of thing wouldn’t be encouraged by company policy, but i have to imagine there are some delivery guys out there that play by their own rules).

i assume this is no big mystery — there must be some sort of standard protocol. if you know what it is, please let me know.

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