sunday april 12

today i went shopping for a lanyard in advance of the first real day of my job at rogers centre tomorrow. by the time i left the house and got to the mall, nearly everything except walmart was closed, but i figured that was probably fine -- if anywhere had lanyards for sale, walmart seemed like it would be the place. however, i became less certain of that fact after asking three different employees what section they might be in. not only were they not sure where i'd find a lanyard, but many of them weren't even sure what a lanyard was. at one point, i found myself halfway through an awkward and unclear explanation of what it was when i realized that the walmart employee i was talking to was, in fact, wearing a lanyard around her own neck.

anyway, eventually i found the one style of lanyard walmart was apparently carrying. it featured a playing-card-themed design, adorned with clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades. i stood there looking at it for a good 60 seconds or so debating whether or not i should buy it, knowing that i had to get something and it was my only option, but also recognizing that i'd really just wanted a plain black design and this was much flashier than i'd been hoping for.

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