wednesday april 15

today i was taking the subway to the rogers centre when a guy sat down beside me and started talking to me. i pulled my headphones to the side in time to hear him ask me if i liked hip hop. while i do, in fact, like hip hop, i'm never really in the mood to talk to strangers on the ttc and i recognized that my best bet at shutting down this conversation quickly was to lie.

me: "nah, not really."
him: "not at all?"
me: "nope, just not my thing."
him: "how about r&b?"
me (shaking my head, feeling like a real traitor): "nope!"
him: "there’s gotta be at least one or two songs you like though, right?"
me (realizing he’s not gonna take no for an answer): "sure, i guess so."

once he saw his opening, he - predictably - handed me a copy of his new ep, describing his sound and explaining that obviously he wasn’t just giving this away for free. it was at this point that we arrived at my stop and i had to interrupt his spiel. it looked very much like i was just trying to make a getaway, which made me feel a little bad, so i promised i’d check him out online, and i held up my end of the bargain. here’s one of his songs. it's pretty good.

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Jack Kentala said...

You gotta give it to a guy who, these days, is optimistic about counting on subway strangers to turn into fans.