sunday june 21

today i bought a bag of all dressed ruffles chips on my way home from trivia at the ossington. while normally this wouldn’t be any sort of special occasion, it was a big victory for me in this case, since it was the culmination of the following sequence of events:
  • last sunday night: my girlfriend narrowed her chip choice down to sweet chili heat doritos and all dressed ruffles and ultimately went with the doritos, which i was happy to go along with because i would've eaten way too many all dressed chips.
  • monday: bought all dressed ruffles at the grocery story for my girlfriend's upcoming birthday barbecue on tuesday.
  • tuesday: kept seeing the all dressed ruffles on my kitchen counter during the day and thinking "i should have some!" before remembering i was saving them for the evening. when i finally brought them to the party, i ended up eating about five chips before they were all eaten by other people.
  • wednesday: wanting more than the five i ate the night before, i tried to buy a bag of all dressed chips on my way to christie pits, but they didn't carry them at the variety store i stopped at.
  • earlier today: tried at a different variety store to buy a bag of all dressed on my way to christie pits, and couldn't find any there either.

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