saturday november 7

today i attempted to take the ttc home from queen and yonge, and did the following things:
  • accidentally entered the queen station on the southbound side, rather than northbound, then was too lazy to switch over, opting instead to take it a couple extra stops to st. george instead of bloor-yonge.
  • remembered during the subway ride that there were shuttle buses running from st. george station, and decided i wanted to avoid them.
  • got off at st. patrick station, only to discover that dundas and university was a mess of construction (i don’t even know if the dundas streetcar was officially detouring, but it looked like it would have to be).
  • walked up to queen’s park and college to catch a westbound college streetcar home.
  • realized in retrospect that it would’ve been a much easier ride home if i’d looked anything up beforehand.

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