tuesday february 9

today i received an email from mlb advanced media informing me and my co-workers that the company intends to issue us work apparel for this year's mlb season, in the form of polo/golf-style shirts. the email asked for our shirt size, which sent me into internal deliberations for about the next 15 minutes.

on one hand, i pretty much always wear medium shirts, but i also buy most of my shirts from the same two or three stores, and what if these ones fit a little smaller and i have to spend the entire 2016 season wearing these tight polo shirts around the skydome like an out-of-shape version of john cena’s character from trainwreck? on the other hand, what if these shirts fit normally and i ask for large ones, then spend the season walking around looking like a kid wearing his dad’s clothes?

ultimately, i finally went with medium instead of large, figuring it was an aspirational choice. like, in my mind, i’ll spend the next two months trying to stay fit to ensure that i fit into this polo shirt, as if it’s a wedding dress or something.

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