tuesday november 21

today i had to bring a lot of books to school. see i planned to read some poems from my british literature anthology and read through some of the books on modern brit lit i'd borrowed from the library, so that i could decide what to write an essay on. there were a lot of books. my backpack couldn't handle this. for the last three or four years, my right shoulder strap has been hanging by mere threads, meaning that i can't put all the weight on that shoulder or bring more than one textbook to school at a time, for fear of it breaking. while leaving my first class today, i heard a pop next to my right ear that suggested threads giving out! i immediately sprung into action, shifting all the weight to my left shoulder and moving a couple of the books out of the bag (one fit in my coat pocket; i carried another). but sadly this was the straw that broke the camel's back....pack. later in the day, the strap snapped off and i was left looking pretty weird (one strap hanging down to the ground) and with a sore shoulder during my walk home.

so i need a new backpack i guess.


erin said...

you'd think you would've chosen to write about your extendo-hangout-o with calee and i for this day...as i feel it was more important than your backpack strap. then again, i did not have to deal with this unexpected misfortune, so it's possible it did in fact, rank higher. then again, this blog is not called 'the best most amazing highest-ranking thing i did today'...it's just one thing you did today.....anyways...what do i know....do as you will...im just in a sweet rock band.

luke said...

if it WAS 'the best most amazing highest-ranking thing i did today' this entry would've been like so much erin and cali that all my readers would've been like hey what's the deal with this erin and cali and i would've been like oh not much they're just my rockstar friends is all!!