monday december 25

today i watched the cowboys/eagles football game with my brother and grandfather. while i was mostly focused on the game, the two of them made small talk about the various players named adams in the nfl. my grandfather noted that all of them were black and weren't from his family!! he continued: "like my grandfather used to say, another nigger in the woodpile." it was awkward.


erin said...

last night (which would've been boxing day), my opa commented on the boxing that was on tv saying how stupid of a sport it is. then my dad was like, 'come on, tell erin what you rrrrrrreally think of boxing'. so opa was like, 'well, i dont mind watching if it's two niggers beating eachother up'. it was awkward.
then he proceeded into the usual christmas time nazi conspiracy theories he holds so dearly...this one regarding a fight between a german and an american and drugs and propaganda of some sort and alfjalfjla.

luke said...

erin it sounds like we basically had the same christmas!!