sunday november 11

today i went into my mother's bookstore to work for a few hours. it was a sunday night and the store was closed, so i worked in peace by myself for some time, at the very back of the store. at around 10:00, i began to hear a noise in the background, loud enough that i heard it clearly even listening to music on my headphones! i walked to the front of the store and realized that they store's alarm was wailing loudly. unaware of the fact that the alarm resets itself at 10:00 and everyone needs to be out of the store, i naturally assumed that someone was breaking in, and ran towards the front door, adrenaline pumping. after turning off the alarm, and doing an apprehensive (but comprehensive) sweep of the store, i returned to work, now unable to enjoy the siren-like noises and effects in the knife's deep cuts like i previously had been.

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