thursday may 1

today i prepared to get off a bus with my music playing pretty loudly in my headphones. whenever i ride a bus with only a handful of riders, i like to say thanks to the driver as i leave, especially when i'm riding one of those smaller buses where there's only one exit door (right beside the driver), which was the case in this instance. not wanting to fumble around in my pocket to take my ipod off of 'hold' in order to turn down the volume or hit pause, i was preparing to interact with the driver with the music still playing. this meant not only guessing at how loud i need to speak to sound 'normal' over the noise of both my headphones and the bus's general racket, but also hoping that if he replied with something, i'd still be able to deduce what he said and respond appropriately. just as i was about to dive into this whole procedure, all of the instruments in the song i was listening to dropped out, mid-song, leaving only softly-sung vocals in the mix, allowing me to hear perfectly what the driver and i were saying!! it was perhaps the nicest thing my music has ever done for me.

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