monday january 19

today i resorted to another edition of "another thing i did on these days"...

wednesday january 7
today i had to go to campus for the first time, for a brief orientation session. accustomed to always taking the subway eastbound from my stop at ossington, i entered the terminal and automatically headed for that side, without thinking. with a train parked at the station, ready to depart, i quickly grabbed it just in time, then realized approximately three seconds later that i needed to go westbound to get to school. i briefly considered taking the subway for two or three stops, so as not to let my fellow public transit-goers in the packed car guess that i was, in fact, going the wrong way by accident. fortunately, i quickly realized this idea was ridiculous and got off at the next stop, throwing that unseen judgment to the wind!!

saturday january 10
today i was at a bar, when they inexplicably began playing darude's "sandstorm," a song fairly inconsistent with most of the other selections during the night. it was at this point that i received a phone call from some friends, who were unable to hear me over the pounding techno beats of darude. some time later i called them back and, at one point in the conversation, when they inquired as to my whereabouts, i was unable to tell them even the name of the bar i was at, having just tagged along with friends. it was only later that i realized that the combination of the background music and my apparent reluctance to reveal the bar i was at sort of made it seem like i was secretly at a gay club looking to pick up or something.

wednesday january 14
today i woke up slightly after 6:00 am in order to make the earliest class i've had in my academic life. when i checked the weather online before leaving the house, it informed me that the temperature was -21, and "felt like" -30. i blame these two factors for my being so out of it that i left the house and walked for about 20 seconds down the sidewalk towards the subway before realizing that i was not, in fact, wearing my backpack with all my supplies and notes in it.

wednesday january 14
today i was sitting in class, in between taking notes, when a classmate sitting beside me nudged me and asked if she could borrow my pen. i, of course, let her borrow it to take a few notes. when she asked at the end of the class to grab it for another quick second, she embarrassingly explained that she'd left hers in the library. wanting to appear affable and friendly, i casually said, "oh no problem, i should've brought an extra one!" immediately i realized that the way i'd strung words together made it nearly impossible to hear the "i" and made it seem as if i'd been lecturing her on the importance of always being prepared.

saturday january 17
today i used the phrase "drop a deuce" casually in conversation for the firs time in my life. another check mark on the 'things to do before i die' list.

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tammy said...

Did you only start resorting to these "another thing" entries after you left London and thus lost your infinite supply of london transit hilarity? The TTC isn't quite the same. Although someone was shot at a platform this morning! Too bad you weren't there to witness it