sunday january 18

today i waited for a subway late in the evening, coming back to toronto after taking a late greyhound bus from london. while i was standing there waiting, i heard a voice nearby start ranting angrily. i quickly glanced to my right and saw an intense-looking latino guy pacing near the phone booth, saying things like "this is the ONE guy i'm not gonna let off the hook for this shit!" and "i'm gonna fuck him up if i have to" and, when his phone call went unanswered, "yeah, turn your phone off like a pussy!" not wanting to get caught up in the middle of what i immediately imagined was some sort of situation straight out of the wire, i tried to maintain a a casual demeanor; i didn't want to look like i was trying consciously to ignore him, but also didn't want to encourage him by acknowledging his rants, even when he hissed "i'm so fucking furious right now, guy" and i was the only "guy" in the area.

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Stephanie o said...

LUKE!! I was just going to say this sounds like it came straight from the wire!

I wonder if he is the equivalent of Stringer Bell?? Maybe not as powerful haha...