sunday january 25

today i was standing in a very busy 'express' line at no frills with a few groceries, waiting to check out, when an older lady randomly stepped into line about three spots in front of me. having already waited about five minutes, and with about ten more people now lined up behind me, this seemed wrong, even if she did just have one carton of juice. a few seconds passed, as the two gay guys in front of me suddenly realized what had happened. they immediately began loudly making comments to her. "did you grow up in a barn, lady?!" one yelled, while the other threw the word "bitch" around a lot. they made an ally of the woman in front of them, who'd been usurped in line. by the time the cutter had gotten to the front of the line, the cries of protest were so strong from all sides that the cashier had to turn her away, pointing out that others had been waiting far longer than her and she had to be fair. the woman stood there aimlessly for another minute or so before storming off and muttering profanities at the guys in front of me, who triumphantly waved after her and exclaimed "sorry princess!!"


Xave said...

Genius. I don't know why, but my brain is picturing the guys from the David Blaine parodies.

Meg said...

Aww, I wish I was there!