sunday march 8

today i was driving down the 401 from london to toronto, when my first cd, the meadowlands, finished. i'd put in a few cds at the start of the drive, but couldn't remember which one was where, so i had no idea what was coming up, as i flicked to the next cd. when the first few notes of "like a rolling stone" started to play, i got a little pumped up and increased my speed past the 115-120 km/h range that i'd been at for 98% of the trip. it was at this point that i thought i saw a car turn on its lights from the right shoulder, but convinced myself that between the rain and the traffic, i'd just been seeing things. approximately a minute later, i saw police lights flashing behind me. i was pulled over and given a $220 speeding ticket. the only consolation was that when the officer asked if i knew how fast i'd been going, i nailed my speed (130 km/h) dead on. in retrospect, maybe i should've undershot it a little, so it didn't look like i was making a conscious decision to drive that fast.


Jack said...

That's why I use cruise control when doing the six-and-a-half-hour drive from Chicago to Minneapolis. I have a hard time not pumping up the speed when I get to an awesome mixtape-staple track like "Endless Shovel" by Rogue Wave or "Nothing Ever Happened" by Deerhunter.

And I've also memorized the spots where State Troopers perch.

Meg said...

Damn, its all Bob Dylan's fault!!!!