tuesday march 24

today i arrived home at about 11:40 am and noticed that a package from japan for my roommate had arrived in the mail. knowing that she'd probably be home and had been anticipating this mail, i was looking forward to seeing her reaction when i gave it to her. i went upstairs and didn't hear her in her room, across the hall from mine. was she still sleeping? i started loudly putting away my school stuff, indicating that i was home and attempting to wake her up if she was asleep, but still no signs of life from across the hall. eventually, i gave up, concluding that maybe she'd gone out, and walked over and gently laid the package outside her door. suddenly, there was a noise inside her room and she yelled "DID I GET MAIL?!" and came rushing out. while i got the reaction that i'd initially wanted, i felt somehow gypped over how it had played out.

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lisa said...

ha! i think it makes the reaction even better.