thursday april 16

today i was standing in line at the wal-mart when the guy behind me in line started mumbling something about the new york mets. he mentioned that they had a great game yesterday, and even namedropped pedro feliciano, a lesser-known mets reliever who will always hold a special place in my heart for briefly being on my nl-only fantasy baseball roster last season. while this man talked to seemingly no one about the mets, an old woman a couple spots back in line jeered "hurry up number 10!" to the cashier in checkout aisle 10, who was talking a longer than average time with her customer. the combination of these two characters in line with me made me think that wal-mart really brought out the crazies during the middle of the day, and made the situation feel sort of surreal. before i got too weirded out though, i noticed that a customer in a nearby line was wearing a mets cap, inspiring the guy behind me in line to make his comments. and meanwhile, the cashier in lane 10 was laughing -- she knew the old lady, it had been a joke! order was restored to the wal-mart express checkout line.

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