tuesday april 8

today i decided to get proactive about getting rid of my extra ticket to the war on drugs show at lee's palace next tuesday, and replied to a craigslist ad requesting a ticket. however, about 15 minutes after messaging that guy, i decided to send a message to a friend who i thought might want to buy the ticket off me and come to the show. predictably, the craigslist guy replied first and said yes, he absolutely was still looking for an extra ticket, and then my friend replied a little later saying yes, she absolutely wanted to buy the ticket off me and go to the show.

despite the order of replies, i gave my friend dibs and drafted a very contrite message to the craigslist guy, in which i referred to myself as a big dummy for jumping the gun on offering him my ticket. i don't know why i wanted his forgiveness so badly, but when he replied to say "no worries" and "enjoy the show," i nonetheless experienced a pretty strong wave of relief.

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