monday july 14

today i was informed by my new roommate that he'd bought a transparent shower curtain and intended to replace our old one, which you can't see through. i didn't object to the change since i only have a few weeks left before i move out, but the fact that he expressed a strong preference for the transparent curtain piqued my interest. as far as i could tell, there was no obvious reason why this would be the case. when i searched yahoo! answers later in the day to see if other people had strong feelings about transparent vs. non-transparent shower curtains, i discovered the most commonly cited reason for preferring transparency was that you avoided a norman bates-type scenario -- you can see what's coming. during my first time with the new curtain, i found this increased awareness a little annoying (for instance, i could see my phone light up with a text message across the room 20 seconds into the shower). but if that's what it takes for my roommate to feel safe, i'll do my best to adjust.

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