saturday may 9

today i stuck around after the blue jays game for a little while, killing time in the press box while i waited to meet a couple friends. as i waited, i witnessed - for the first time - the usual jr. jays saturday post-game spectacle of kids who were at the game getting to run around the bases on the field. i’d previously assumed that maybe a couple hundred kids participated in this, but by the looks of it, that number must have been in the thousands. it was a seemingly never-ending parade of children going around the bases. at one point, i even thought, "are they all just circling back and continually running the bases over and over again? that’s the only way there could be this many kids here." but i don’t think that was the case. there were just a lot of kids on the field. real nightmare fuel.

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Jack Kentala said...

David Lynch will direct this sequence in the film adaptation of this blog.