thursday april 23

today i was talking to my parents on skype when they asked if i’d received the birthday gift my brother sent me earlier in the month. "huh," i thought (and also said). "i don’t think i ever did get that, i wonder what happened." later in the evening, i sent my brother a message to ask if he had the right address for me, or if something might’ve happened to the gift en route, to which he replied that the ups website indicated i signed for the package two weeks ago.

confused, i thought back to that day and immediately realized what had happened — i’d received a ups package containing a blue jays gift card that i’d assumed was from the team itself, as part of my season ticket package. instead, it had been from my brother, and i just hadn’t thanked him - or even realized it was from him - since then.

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Jack Kentala said...

We are now approaching the singularity in which all future OTIDT posts will point back to prior posts. Probably because it's your life, but whatever.