tuesday may 12

today i was getting off the streetcar at spadina station when i noticed some sort of altercation happening at the front entrance of the car. from what i could see, a guy was afraid to get off the streetcar because there were two other guys waiting for him on the platform, threatening and promising to "fuck him up" as payback for some sort of unknown transgression (i mean, it was known to them but not to me). the driver seemed to be on the verge of contacting police, while the guys on the platform told the driver that it had nothing to do with him, that they didn’t want to cause a scene on his streetcar, and that they just wanted the guy to get off instead of staying next to the driver "like a little bitch."

while the incident was causing most people - especially families - to turn around and get off the car at the back door, the lack of a lineup at the front was too appealing for me to pass up, so as this stand-off continued, i said "excuse me" and pushed my way past everyone involved. dunno how things ended for them but i just barely caught the connecting subway.

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