monday november 30

today i went to opera bob’s with a friend to meet up with a larger group for a couple drinks. when i left the bar at the end of the night, i’d taken the streetcar all the way to my stop by the time i noticed that i no longer had my gloves with me. as i walked home from the streetcar stop, i decided to call the bar, figuring that my best chance at getting my gloves back was to call right away and make sure they were found by the bartender who had just seen me 20 minutes earlier.

sure enough, the bartender that had been serving me picked up the phone, and when i asked about the gloves, he had already found them. when i said i wouldn’t be able to return to the bar tonight to pick them up, he said he’d store them behind the bar and label them with my name. "jonathan, right?" he asked. this caught me a little off guard, but my first name is indeed jonathan, so after hesitating for a split-second, i said yes and we hung up.

in the moment, i’d been thinking that i’d used my credit card with my first name on it, and he’d just remembered that, but after hanging up, i quickly recalled that i had paid with cash. it didn’t make any sense that he’d know me as jonathan, and now i was worried that someone else named jonathan had left his gloves behind and i’d be handed those gloves when i return tomorrow.


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