sunday january 10

today i went out to get groceries on a very windy evening. on my way back from the grocery store, i was standing at the corner of dundas and lansdowne waiting for the light to change when all of the sudden a scarf flew past me, heading toward the road. my first thought was to rightly assume that it came from someone else waiting for the light, but i’d been so caught up in the podcast i was listening to that i wasn’t entirely sure of that, and my second thought was a wild "wait, is that my scarf?!"

no matter whose scarf it was, it needed to be stopped, so i lunged after it, managing to corral it on my second try before it blew into the road. having ascertained by now that i was still wearing my own scarf, i turned around and was met by a middle-aged woman who was laughing and thanking me and saying "i guess i need to tie it up!" yes this is the windiest day in months, you're welcome but please don’t just loosely drape it around you again.

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Jack Kentala said...

I feel that way about how some people wear their shoes so loosely they can easily kick them off. Dear people: You are endangering your shoes! Tie those fuckers tighter; it'll add less than two minutes to your day.

And if I ever get hit by a car, my shoes are definitely NOT flying off.