thursday december 31

today i went to bmb karaoke to sing some songs with my friends. about halfway through the night, one of my friends accidentally queued up "hold on, we’re going home" by drake literally 12 times in a row. when it came up, we managed to slowly delete 11 of them one by one to make sure there was only one left, but i had a real good laugh to myself thinking about what anyone outside of our room might have been thinking if they’d just heard us do the same song over and over again for an hour.

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Jack Kentala said...

For someone who's terrified when my doorbell rings unexpectedly, I've done a strangely substantial amount of public karaoke, albeit only in places where no one is paying attention. That, and no one can really fault you for not getting all the nonverbalized sexual sounds in "Little Red Corvette" by Prince or "Working' Day And Night" by Michael Jackson, which are my usual picks and the parts of the song where I usually just work the crowd. Also, my idea of "working the crowd" often involves reading the five-day weather forecast off my phone.

I think I might just use the Ryan Adams lyrics for Taylor Swift's "Style" as my go-to karaoke song now. People like guys singing girls songs, like my short stint of doing nothing but "Sk8er Boi" and "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. But re Adams over Swift, gotta go with "you've got that Daydream Nation look in your eyes" instead of "James Dean daydream." Gotta rep any shoutout to Sonic Youth.