thursday january 14

today i went to fringe to get my hair cut and was twice asked before i sat down if i wanted my coat hung up. i’ve noticed that this is common practice at fringe, and normally i’d just agree to let them do it, even though it makes me feel like a diva to have someone else hang up my coat when the coat rack is right there, not behind a counter or anything. today, however, i was carrying so much stuff - headphones, gloves, scarf, etc. - that i knew it would take me a minute to get everything organized, and i didn’t want to rush through it, so i politely turned down the two people who asked if they could hang my coat up.

when i was finally ready to do the hanging myself, i realized, after struggling with it a couple times, that the little loop on the back of my coat, which i usually use to hang it up, wasn’t quite big enough to fit over the giant hooks on this particular coat rack. instead, i’d have to just sort of toss my entire coat over one of those hooks.

after having done this, i noticed that my coat was so heavy - weighed down by my scarf and gloves in addition to just being heavy to start with - that it made the entire coat rack shift its weight in a way that made me feel uneasy. i ended up spending the first two minutes of my haircut thinking about how embarrassing it would be if my amateur-ish coat-hanging job made the whole rack tip over, after i’d twice turned down help. i think it ended up being fine though.

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Jack Kentala said...

I never thought about hanging up my coat by the loop. Practical idea borrowed!