monday january 4

today i began to play nba 2k16's "my career" mode, in which you follow - and control - an up-and-coming basketball player on and off the court as he advances through high school, college, and the nba. having apparently been written and directed by spike lee, this story was extensive, featuring my character and his family growing up in harlem.

while this was all quite entertaining, i was a bit taken out of the narrative during every family scene, since my character was one i’d previously created in an effort to emulate my likeness, using the palest skin tone possible for realism — in spike lee's story, however, my family members - including, most ludicrously, my twin sister - were all black.


Jack Kentala said...

You have seen at least one Spike Lee joint, yes?

Luke Adams said...

I mean, I don't get why I was allowed to be white.

Jack Kentala said...

That's a box quote: "I don't get why I was allowed to be white." - Luke Adams, Sports-Den.net.