tuesday january 5

today i went to the shawarma place around the corner from my girlfriend’s apartment for the first time. although i referred to it as "king shawarma" before going there, it’s actually called shawarma’s king, a name i find more confusing.

despite the fact that i was the only person in the restaurant for the duration of my time there, and the guy behind the counter appeared to be giving me his full attention, he still seemed to forget things i had just told him. he had to double-check what exactly i wanted in my shawarma, and then after i asked for it "to go," he handed me the shawarma on its own and nearly let me walk outside before calling after me, "oh, did you want a bag for that?" hardly the behaviour of a shawarma king.

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Tammy said...

If it's called shawarma's king, could it be short for "shawarma is king", a nod to the product itself rather than the establishment?