wednesday december 9

today i received a visit from a friend, one who lives in my old apartment and who is in my book club. i had a couple copies of our current book for her and one of our other members, which she was stopping by to pick up. as i handed her the books, she took out a couple of beers from her bag and passed them to me.

"are these erin’s beers?" i said, referring to my old roommate - and our mutual friend - who still lived at my old apartment, and brewed her own beers in bottles that looked like this.

"aaron’s beers?" she said, referring to our mutual friend in the book club who had bought the copies of the books i was currently handing to her. "i guess they should be for him, huh? maybe you guys can each have one."

while my friend was talking, i looked at the beers and realized that they were from bellwoods brewery, where she worked. these clearly weren’t "erin’s beers." because of homonyms though, my friend hadn’t even noticed my mistake, and in fact, i’d probably looked like a really nice guy, offering to give these free beers to someone who deserved them more, when i never would’ve done that otherwise.

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