tuesday january 19

today i decided to re-attach the hood to my winter coat. when i started wearing the coat several weeks ago, it was still warm enough out that i’d decided to take the hood off, since i didn’t need it, but the declining january temperatures have made me miss it a couple times within the last week or so.

i’d been reluctant to tackle this mini-project, since i’d been thinking that the hood had been attached to the coat by a ton of little buttons that would be a hassle to do back up, but when i picked it up today i saw that it was just a zipper attachment. thinking to myself that this should be an incredibly easy task that would take about five seconds, i was predictably punished by fate for my hubris, as the teeth of the zipper immediately came apart behind the zipper "slider" as i tried to zip it up. due to the weird, curved angle of the hood’s zipper, it ended up taking me upwards of five minutes to fix the problem and finally get the hood back onto my coat. i knew it would be a hassle.

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