saturday january 27

today i was driving home when i thought i saw a mouse (or rat) scurrying across the road in front of me. my first instinct was that this was ridiculous -- mice don't cross roads, and it was probably a leaf blowing around or something. after all, once i thought i was about to drive over a flock of birds on the road, but it turned out to be leaves blowing around. however, my second instinct told me that there wouldn't be leaves out at this time of year!! so i'm still unsure whether it was some sort of rodent or maybe just a piece of garbage, but i swerved out of the way just in case.

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Jack said...

People around here have bumper sticks that say "I Brake For Squirrels." So this has lead to squirrels just stopping in the middle of the street to munch on nuts.

I almost ran over a rabbit once. That was terrifying! Who wants to kill a rabbit? Only those without souls.