saturday january 6

today i experienced a sudden urge to do a puzzle. not merely a small sudoku or crossword puzzle, but rather a full-fledged jigsaw puzzle. i looked through some cupboards in search of one i could do, and found an unopened 1000-piece puzzle that depicted some sort of natural edenistic haven -- pretty much every piece was green. though i had never completed a puzzle of more than 500 pieces, i figured that with a few years of university education under my belt now, i was bright enough to take on such a challenge (not that 'the mirror stage' would help me piece together the corners, but nonetheless). by the time i'd upturned each of the upside-down pieces and separated all the side pieces i could find, my back was sore and i figured it was time for a break. the puzzle's 1000 pieces currenly sit on the dining room table, with approximately 10 of them locked together and the rest strewn about imposingly all over the place. the urge to do a jigsaw puzzle has faded.


Anonymous said...

it takes small sessions of 30 mins or less over the course of 2 weeks to a month to complete such a puzzle!

luke said...

yes. i don't think i was prepared for that type of commitment.

Anonymous said...

I did a puzzle of that size with my dad last night and it only took us about 8 hours total to finish it. We worked on it for 6 hours last night and did the last 2 hours today