wednesday january 27

today i was watching jeopardy!, and, as usual, was attempting to figure out what my humourous personal anecdote would be if i were a contestant on the show. as i watched the first player ramble through a fairly banal story, i wondered if my dodgeball arm injury had become the frontrunner for my potential go-to anecdote. as the second contestant told her story, i tuned her out, trying to envision alex trebek's setup question for my anecdote, and how exactly i'd phrase it to maximize its impact. while i was attempting to sort this out, alex moved on to the third player, introducing her and then saying, "... and you nearly broke a bone playing a game of.... college dodgeball??" stunned, i listened to this player tell a mundane story about how she fell to the ground with her wrists in an awkward position while playing dodgeball, and ALMOST seriously injured them. worse still was that alex seemed incredulous that such a near-disaster could occur during a dodgeball game of all things! ALEX, I HAVE A METAL PLATE IN MY ARM BECAUSE OF A DODGEBALL GAME! LET ME IMPRESS YOU WITH THAT STORY!!


Jack said...

This is one of the best entries on this site. Rarely does Luke get mad.

Leslie said...

Luke, today's the last day to take the online Jeopardy qualifying test. Register and log in to the website before 11pm (it's for the 8pm PT test).
I'm doing it, so should you. Let's make that dream come true!

Amanda said...

My favourite entry to date.

Show that bitch up.

caltrav said...

you'll have to just be content with impressing the internet.

...... .. . . FOR NOW.

DQ said...

Award winning post!