saturday may 23

today i was sitting at the bar at the derby waiting for a couple friends to show up, when i happened to overhear a conversation happening behind me. a group of three girls was sitting at one of the tables and a loud british-sounding guy who was there with his own group of friends started to chat them up. after a few minutes, when they asked what he did, he told them he played some sort of inspector character on the cbc television show murdoch mysteries. "google it!" he implored, sensing their skepticism that such a star would be in the house. one girl did google it, and announced to the table, with some surprise, "oh my god, it’s him!"

shortly after this revelation took place, one of my friends showed up, and this guy and his friends ended up moving on to another bar (i heard talk of opera bob’s), making me forget about the whole series of events. when i remembered it later and looked up murdoch mysteries on imdb, i was able to identify the loud guy who had been standing behind me as this man. i also discovered that the derby seems to be the official toronto bar of murdoch mysteries. great stuff.

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