tuesday june 9

today i ended up at a place on front street called overdraught after the blue jays game, since it was perhaps the only bar in the area that was showing game 3 of the nba finals and wasn’t packed. with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter, our server began to ask questions like "so what’s this game? is it important? who’s playing? is there a lot of time left?"

for someone who worked at a bar - one that presumably shows sports on a daily basis - to be so clueless about the game almost defied belief. after all, with even a very basic understanding of tv broadcasts, most of her questions could be answered by simply looking at the screen. after her fourth or fifth question, i began to suspect that she was putting on some sort of performance, but i couldn’t come up with a conceivable explanation for why she would do such a thing, unless she thought we were the type of people who enjoyed mansplaining sports to women.

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