wednesday june 17

today i went to buy tokens from the ttc attendant at christie station after watching the maple leafs game at christie pits. the attendant was an older man, and he moved so deliberately - slowly, to be frank - while taking my money and sliding my tokens across to me that i thought there might be something wrong with him, or with the situation itself. after he slid the last of the tokens across to me, i heard him say something and point at me. concerned, i asked him to repeat himself, and he replied by saying, "who won the game?" and pointing to my head again. at this point, i realized that he was pointing at my blue jays hat, and i was relieved that i’d checked the jays score at christie pits and was able to tell him, "oh, jays won!" he gave me a thumbs-up and i went on my way, feeling much less unsettled about the encounter.

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