wednesday june 3

today i stopped at brock sandwich on my way over to christie pits. after i placed my order, i heard the guy behind the counter mutter "game’s on." i turned around and noticed that the tv above the front entrance was showing the blue jays game, which he must’ve mentioned to me because i was wearing a jays hat.

as i sat watching, chris colabello hit an rbi single to right field, and the same brock sandwich employee remarked, "that guy can hit the shit out of the ball. too bad he can’t field." i chuckled and said, "yeah, too bad the dh spot isn’t open for him!" and he nodded in assent. emboldened by some quality baseball discussion, he turned on the sound for the game, and when my sandwich was eventually ready, he told me "enjoy the rest of the game!" on my way out. it didn’t seem necessary to tell him that i was heading to the park to watch the maple leafs rather than watching any more of the jays game.

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