friday february 26

today i planned to meet my girlfriend in transit on the ttc, always a difficult thing to time. knowing where i’d have to be at a specific time, i left my house at exactly the right moment, and was pleased with myself for not running late at all. however, before i got on the subway, i realized i had no cash and had to make a quick stop at the bank on the corner to get some money. for the first time ever though - or at least for the first tie when i’ve been there - there was a lineup at the atm at this bank, forcing me to wait for upwards of 3-4 minutes before getting a chance to withdraw any money. when i finally got out of the bank and onto the subway, i thought i was still running pretty close to on time, but only until a couple minutes later, when the subway stopped without explanation for five minutes, another rarity. by the time i finally met up with my girlfriend, i was about 10 minutes later than i anticipated, and my perfectly-timed departure from my house had been rendered useless.

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JDK said...

I am still amazed that, in this future robot-butler year of 2016, people still are clueless when using ATMs. The worst are the people who wait until the intro screen pops back up before they leave, even though they see the big "TRANSACTION COMPLETE" screen. Like their card info and PIN is somehow saved in the machine and the next dude can use it before the total refresh?